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An Easy 6-Step Somatic Exercise to Process Triggers

Last blog addressed what triggers are and where they come from. This blog is going to dive a bit deeper into how to support yourself when you are experiencing a trigger or stressful event, and are needing skills for relief.

As we mentioned last week, one of the ways to work with triggers is to ground yourself, and orient to the room around you. This week we are practicing orienting yourself to your body so you can support yourself when triggered. Next, I will give you 6 steps for you to practice for relief. 

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What is Somatic Therapy? A Mind-Body Method

Seeking relief from Anxiety and Trauma? Book your Somatic Therapy Session in Long Island and Five Towns. Esther Goldstein is an Anxiety and Trauma Expert in Cedarhurst NY. Schedule here

In session I use somatic, body-oriented psychotherapies in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues. Neuroscience has shown that our bodies hold messages and beliefs from the past which are reflected in body language, posture, and facial expression expressing how the body feels and the messages it holds.

Trauma, anxiety, depression or self esteem issues may also expresses itself in physical (somatic) symptoms such as digestive issues, or tension in a specific part of the body such as neck, shoulders, stomach or head. 

How does somatic psychotherapy work?

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