You look at the world around you, and you feel misunderstood.

No one knows really what your life has been like because, so far, you’ve done your best to fake it and get through the day. But in reality, it’s hard to connect with others let alone feel like you are in your own body.

Mostly what you feel is numb and you wish you could remember feeling love and happiness but that feels forever ago. You have moments of peace, but they are just moments. 

And then you're reminded of who you are and what your life has been made up of. To you it feels like a compilation of rubble, hurt, sadness and disappointments.  What ever happened to a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose, direction or fulfillment?

Love, joy and ease…these words seem foreign to you

because you've been through the toughest experiences people can go through. Your life experiences have included emotional neglect which has left you feeling confused. You can’t fathom what connection means after being ignored for so long.

Maybe it also includes events and circumstances which no one talks about because they bring fear, doubt and confusion. But these stories are what your life has been built upon.

You're wanting to move on. 

But "moving on" is an oversimplification of what it means to move on. Especially after not being cared for, for so much of your life, feeling neglected or having experienced abuse or a violation. 

Healing doesn't happen overnight. 

You need to cry and mourn AND have a place to develop into a new story with less pain and trauma.

I help people who have missed out in life because of the all of the circumstances they have been through. My clients often are longing to find comfort yet find themselves disappointed in their relationships as they are often left feeling misunderstood. 

In our time together, you will discover there isn’t anything too scary or terrible that can’t be shared.

 You will learn how to live a good life, without being dragged down by memories of the pasts, fears and terror. You are wanting to overcome the adversity and pain of the past.

It’s time to feel hope and to get the help you need to create a beautiful life.