Life did not come with an easy-to-interpret roadmap.

You've hit more than the occasional speed bump.

As long as you can remember, life has been accompanied with an underlying hum of anxiety, inexplicable irritability and a nagging sense of fear and doubt. You have been through some of the toughest experiences people can go through. Topics often not discussed, yet, your life has been built upon some of those stories. And right now, somewhere on the inside there's a voice telling you that life isn't meant to feel this way, at least not forever.

You're ready to ditch the pain and create a life that doesn't feel like settling.


I'm Esther, owner of Integrative Psychotherapy, a research based practice that offers heart centered healing. Blending evidence based modalities and creative skill, I provide tailor-made treatment for each client.

I work with survivors of trauma and clients with anxiety to gain ownership of their lives again. We teach you skills and offer comprehensive healing to replace rigidity with flexibility in navigating life, love, and day-to-day activities.

The word “Integrative” illustrates both my approach and methodology. I find healing at the intersection of empathy and honesty. I blend clinical need and personal comfort to create an ideal combination of treatment methods for the betterment of each client.

Integration is a  gentle yet focused process of forward movement. 

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