Do you need help with your anxiety?

You have your job, your kids, your relationship and your friendships. Everyone needs something from you and you only know how to say yes because you never let anyone down. And then there are things that keep happening. Just when you think life is going to settle, another crisis or project pops up demanding your response.

You used to "pull it together" and make your way through, but that isn’t working anymore.

 It feels like your skin is crawling the moment you hop out of bed to when your head hits the pillow in the middle of the night after trying to sleep for hours. It feels like you could explode because there is just never a break in the anxiety you feel. The last time you tried to explain to someone what was going on they looked confused because you “look fine” to them. Now no one feels safe to talk to because no one seems to understand or be able to help.

You don’t have to carry it all.

My clients have learned to cope with stress their entire life but along the way coping turned into anxiety. It shows up in how they feel in their body, their eating, their sleeping and it shows up in their relationships, their boundaries and their mood. Anxiety ends up sucking all of their energy.

I help my clients understand what is happening and to practice skills for relief. Together we uncover the cause of their pain that has led to them feeling so anxious. We move from understanding, into coping and into healing. 

Let me help you get off the spinning wheel of anxiety and step into life with more balance.