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7 ways to rise above daily struggles

You go through daily life wondering if this is what life is really meant to feel like? Here are some tips to read when you’re waddling through waters that are choppy or when you’re in a phase of waiting and are wondering if you’re missing something important.

Read on for 7 tips to help you shift your perspective and provide guidance to rising above the daily struggles in your life.

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6 Ways To Know If Counseling Is For You

Counseling in the Five Towns, Nassau County or anywhere in Long Island, NY.

If you’re scrolling this page, you may be wondering if counseling is something that may be right for you. First of all, I’m glad you’re on this site and are taking the time to get clarity about this decision. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about what therapy is and how it all works, that it is completely normal to be uncertain about if therapy is for you.

Read below for 6 Ways To Know If Counseling Is For You:

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Supporting the Trauma Survivor: Why Family Support Matters

I've been approached by gentle, caring parents, family members and siblings of someone who has been through a trauma. They've been asking how to care for their loved one who has been through A big trauma or a small trauma.


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What does EMDR therapy look like?

Seeking EMDR therapy in Five Towns, Nassau or in Long Island, NY? Book your session with trauma and anxiety expert Esther Goldstein LCSW today!

When you go through a tough experience and feel overwhelmed, your brain cannot process information as it ordinarily does. Because the memory isn't  properly "digested" in your memory  network, when you're reminded of the event, you might feel as if it's happening, because the sounds, smells, images and feelings were frozen in time and haven't been sorted.

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