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4 Ways Therapy is Working in Long Island, NY.

You’re in counseling or you’re thinking about going to therapy but you’re not sure how you’ll know if it’s really “working”. Let’s take the mystery out of it; I wrote this blog with 4 pointers to help you identify the progress you’re making, even when you’re in the “therapy process”.

Counseling for anxiety, trauma and relationship issues. Book your session with Esther Goldstein LCSW, expert in treating trauma and anxiety in Cedarhurst office. Her office is located in Long Island, NY in Nassau County and surrounding areas of long island.

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Suicide Awareness Month-7 Tips

September is Suicide Awareness month, which is specifically targeted to raising awareness and adding support to those in pain. According to US Department for Health and Human Services, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, and the rates are on the rise. So what can you do? If you have a loved one who may be struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts or tendencies, here are some 7 preventative tips for safety!

7 Tips for Prevention and Safety:

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Wise Mind Accepts- 7 Skills from DBT

When we are over-stressed, we feel out of control and hopeless. It’s normal to have an urge to do anything to make the distress just stop in its track. If you have a hard time handling stress, it might seem almost impossible to tolerate extreme emotions. Let’s help you put the breaks on the vicious cycle of negative behaviors which make things worse in the long run.

Here are 7 Easy DBTnSkills to practice for Stress Relief. Read on!

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