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Wise Mind Accepts- 7 Skills from DBT

When we are over-stressed, we feel out of control and hopeless. It’s normal to have an urge to do anything to make the distress just stop in its track. If you have a hard time handling stress, it might seem almost impossible to tolerate extreme emotions. Let’s help you put the breaks on the vicious cycle of negative behaviors which make things worse in the long run.

Here are 7 Easy DBTnSkills to practice for Stress Relief. Read on!

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Trauma Therapy Demystified - part 1

Seeking relief from anxiety and trauma symptoms? Reach out to Esther Goldstein Anxiety and Trauma Expert in Long Island New York. Click here to schedule your first session.

"I’ve been to therapy most of my life, and I feel like there’s this alluring concept of getting better”.

Allison sits across me, her body tight, shoulders leaned forward. I remember the first time we met, her eyes had darted across the room looking for danger, feeling hyper-vigilant, her body stuck in fight and flight response.

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Satiating the need for Emotional Connection

In the past blog I discussed the concept  of emotional hunger.  If you’re in relationships that feel disconnected or where you're left thirsty for real, steady connections, read on.  What are emotional needs? And what does it meant to feel emotionally satiated?


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