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Better job than your parents? + 10 Tips to Guide you in Five Towns, NY.

Want to ensure you’re giving your kids the best shot at life but not sure you’re doing it all “right”? Having some insecurities or fear from the past popping up as you navigate the waters of parenthood?

You’re not alone. Parenting comes along with much unknown territories and can bring confusion and fear. What also may happen is that you may want to offer a way better future for your kids than you got, youre just not sure how to do that.

Read below to understand how to do your own healing work and offer a better life for your children and next generations to come.

Seeking more support? Schedule your first session with expert in anxiety, trauma and parenting therapy Esther Goldstein LCSW in her office in Cedarhurst NY.

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6 Ways To Know If Counseling Is For You

Counseling in the Five Towns, Nassau County or anywhere in Long Island, NY.

If you’re scrolling this page, you may be wondering if counseling is something that may be right for you. First of all, I’m glad you’re on this site and are taking the time to get clarity about this decision. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about what therapy is and how it all works, that it is completely normal to be uncertain about if therapy is for you.

Read below for 6 Ways To Know If Counseling Is For You:

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Trauma Therapy Demystified - part 1

Seeking relief from anxiety and trauma symptoms? Reach out to Esther Goldstein Anxiety and Trauma Expert in Long Island New York. Click here to schedule your first session.

"I’ve been to therapy most of my life, and I feel like there’s this alluring concept of getting better”.

Allison sits across me, her body tight, shoulders leaned forward. I remember the first time we met, her eyes had darted across the room looking for danger, feeling hyper-vigilant, her body stuck in fight and flight response.

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Are You Emotionally Hungry?

What is this thing we call hunger?  Hunger represents the physiological need to eat food. Feeling satiated is the absence of hunger. Appetite is the desire to eat food. When your belly is empty, the hormone called ghrelin is produced by the stomach triggering a hunger message. Satiety is the feeling of fullness that tells you to stop eating.  Now let's look at emotional  hunger, its sensations and how it plays itself out.


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