6 Ways To Know If Counseling Is For You


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If you’re scrolling this page, you may be wondering if counseling is something that may be right for you. First of all, I’m glad you’re on this site and are taking the time to get clarity about this decision. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about what therapy is and how it all works, that it is completely normal to be uncertain about if therapy is for you.

Many of my clients shared that they had been hanging out with the idea of starting therapy for years before reaching out. That’s a long time. But it’s also completely understandable as the decision is a big one, and one that requires bravery and strength. How can you know if therapy is worth giving a shot?

Counseling might be right for you if:

  1. You’re ready to talk.

    You have this urge to get some of the burdens off your chest. You might not be totally ready to talk about all of it, but you’re feeling just about ready to start sharing. Even if others in your life have been telling you to begin sharing with a therapist, it’s not about their timing or their opinion, it’s when it feels right for you. If now feels like an ok time, reach out. If you’re still unsure, take your time and reach out when it feels right. I believe our minds and bodies communicate with us, so forcing yourself doesn’t usually work out well.

  2. Something’s been nagging at you.

    There has been something in your life that has been on your mind for a while and it’s pulling you down. You may be feeling heavy with sadness. You may be feeling panicky and anxious all the time. You May be having problems in your relationships. You may be grieving a loss. You may have gone through a trauma and are having difficulties coping with the aftermaths. You may be putting on a show at work, at home and with your daily responsibilities but something feel off. You may just have a feeling that you’re not ok. Whatever it is, it’s up to you to take the step to get the help you need. No one can tell you what consists of a nagging issue, rather, you’re the expert on yourself.

  3. You want relief. Getting through your day feel impossible.

    Your life has become difficult to live on a daily basis. You want to be able to get through the hour (or sometimes the minute) without feeling horrible. You are desperate to feel better than how you’re feeling.

  4. You’re ready to do the work.

    Engaging in therapy is’t simply a place to chat and let off some steam. Choosing to being therapy is a commitment to do the hard work. In therapy you will be taking a hard look at your life, who you are, and what changes are needed. You will be uncovering the layers and looking at the painful aspects of life. Some sessions will feel lighter but others will leave you feeling tired, with your work laid out for you. Good therapy feels hard sometimes and you want to be ready to do the work it takes to experience the change and relief you seek.  

  5. You want to learn how to solve your own problems.

    You’re not looking for advice, or for someone to tell you what you need to do. As a therapist, it isn’t my job to tell you how to live your life, but rather, within our therapeutic relationship, we guide you to see things from other perspectives, practice new skills and help you heal parts of yourself. The goal is for you to come to a place of clarity and confidence in making better choices and engaging in life with more ease. There are many therapists who seem to be “advice givers”, good therapy is far from that.


6. You’re ready to invest in yourself.

Therapy requires a commitment of time and money. You will be setting aside time in your calendar to come for a weekly appointment on a regular basis (at least to start with, for best results), and allocating money for the counseling expense. If you would like to find out if your insurance reimburses your counseling costs, you’ll need to set aside time to find out about your out of network mental health benefits, deductibles and reimbursements rates.


If you’re reading this, you might become aware that your self care has been left on the back burner. Having a weekly session that’s focused just on you, your experiences, feelings and life events is the first step to bringing the priorities back to you and helping you live a better life.


Start your counseling in Long Island today.

Now, therapy is not necessarily the answer for everyone. But if something resonates with you in this post, it might be a signal that therapy can be a good choice for you. Remember, it’s completely normal to be hesitant and wonder if therapy will make a difference in your life.

Reaching out by making that first appointment is a big deal. I’d be happy to answer any more questions you may have by phone. I look forward to speaking with you via email or phone 347-903-7835.