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Heal You Inner Critic

What is an inner critic, essentially?

It's a voice that is telling you to pause, and stop from whatever it is that you are attempting to do, think, feel or explore. The inner critic often has a worry that you won't be ok; "What if things go terribly horribly wrong?"

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15 Steps To Personal Success

I'm frequently asked how I define success. Anyone who has met me knows that I'm all about movement and progress but not at the price of your sanity. I lean into the definition in a gentle yet curious fashion.  Your success is a completely different reality and has such  different flavor than the person right in front, behind or beside you on the train of life.

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Want to be famous?

Who likes being plain old simple plain Jane?

Or plain ol' Tom, Dick or Harry?

I remember on my entry letter to graduate school I started with..."We exist in a world where it seems as though individuals are running in a race, a race where no one can actually ever really win....". I saw the rush, the hurry, the starvation for being "it" for being louder, wiser, cooler,   funnier,,more successful,....stronger, better, different!

How exhausting is that?

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From Surviving to Thriving over Spring Break (or any holiday season)

So, It's that time of year. Spring Break. Holiday Vacation.

Yay! Right?

Or is it? So many of us need a long awaited break from the hum drum of daily life and responsibilities. We look forward to "time off" or "time away". 

Or, do we?

Remember, most of us have other things going on when we're not necessarily "on" for work or college or day-to-day responsibilities.

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Playing Small?

Have you been playing it small lately?  Sometimes you may notice that you are in this funny place where there isn't much movement or growth. You're sorta stuck. You may have every. reason. in. the. book. to. stay. stuck.


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Is it really "Failure To Launch" or something else?

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Failure to launch is a new terminology of the generation of adults who are "adult-ing" way later than they "should". Or, in some cases, never actually 'adult'. Many chalk it up to the fact that there are so many distractions and that adults in today's society have so many "quick fixes" and aren't used to putting in hard work and going for the long haul.

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