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6 Skills-Your Trauma Toolkit

Trauma work goes beyond the walls of your warm, wise and skillful therapists office. You have your life before you walk into your therapy session, and your reality is with you as you walk  out into the world, the world that you live in. I have provided six skills to help support your trauma therapy, in and outside of session.

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On Being a Mindful Parent

Parenting and Counseling in Five Towns and Long, Island NY. Schedule your session with expert in anxiety and parenting counseling Esther Goldstein LCSW

How can you provide a framework for your children to develop into confident, solid individuals who can build meaningful lives? Let's take a look at the trajectory of a life. A child comes into this world seeking safety, seeking love, seeking connection and responsiveness. 

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From Surviving to Thriving over Spring Break (or any holiday season)

So, It's that time of year. Spring Break. Holiday Vacation.

Yay! Right?

Or is it? So many of us need a long awaited break from the hum drum of daily life and responsibilities. We look forward to "time off" or "time away". 

Or, do we?

Remember, most of us have other things going on when we're not necessarily "on" for work or college or day-to-day responsibilities.

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Playing Small?

Have you been playing it small lately?  Sometimes you may notice that you are in this funny place where there isn't much movement or growth. You're sorta stuck. You may have every. reason. in. the. book. to. stay. stuck.


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