Want to be famous?


Who likes being plain old simple plain Jane?

Or plain ol' Tom, Dick or Harry?

I remember on my entry letter to graduate school I started with..."We exist in a world where it seems as though individuals are running in a race, a race where no one can actually ever really win....". I saw the rush, the hurry, the starvation for being "it" for being louder, wiser, cooler,   funnier,,more successful,....stronger, better, different!

How exhausting is that?!

Now, you may have a goal you're working towards.

Maybe you're in the midsts of figuring out who you are, navigating a relationship, defining a career or finishing up with school. You may be answering some tough questions or are wanting to lower your anxiety around others.

I so respect setting goals, having a bigger mindset, and acquiring a crystal clear viewpoint. Setting goals is necessary for movement in life, and kicks stagnation to the side!  I'm also aware that some things take a bit longer than a few hours, days or maybe even months to change.

While you're in the process of harnessing a new skill, a bright insight, a fresh way of being, you're learning a deep wisdom that comes along with the process of expanding and contracting.

There's an inherent beauty in that specific process of change. 

Let me explain. Say you want to get more physically fit. You will create a combination of what you need. You'll first get clear on what your goal is. What has worked and what's been stopping you from getting "there". You will then create a plan of what you need to do to get there. Hire a trainer, sign up for a gym, change your eating habits and the like. 

Is the goal to be more fit? Absolutely! Do you want to hide ever day until you hit that goal?  Maybe you want to hide and come out when you've "arrived", when you're "already there", whatever your goal may be. 

At the same time, is it fair to have today, tomorrow, the passage of time, and the route to your destination be stolen from you?

  • What about the slow wisdom...
  • The exchange of thoughts...
  • The intricate nuances of knowledge you get to know along the way..
  • The people you meet...
  • The parts of you that were hidden...
  • The newfound ideas and pathways you're getting to know as  you move along...
  • The little sparkles today had to offer...

Theres a quote that reads "slow down to the speed of wisdom" .

Yes, slow down. Life sometimes feels like we'll get run over by a bulldozer if we don't keep moving moving moving. It's almost like once we get ourselves into a vision, into a goal, we think the way to get there is by "speeding"; getting into that race car and gooooo!

I wonder if life would be simpler if goals came with directions or warning signs. Some that would say "Road clear ahead', others that would say "Danger, Danger, Danger" and other that would say "Rocky roads, yet totally doable" and maybe even some that would say "Treasure awaits you, keep going" , or "Amp up your courage, this will be a long ride". The thing is though, we seldom get those kind of tips, warning or even pamphlets for the way. 

Know why? Well, because even when others share their  wisdom, their experience, their tips, there's no way another person can protect you from your own journey.

This is your own "figuring this all-out-ness"

You know what, there's actually a joy in that. Each person has their own creativity and wisdom in getting through, in reaching the places they need to get to. Others have found incredibly amazing directives, ideas and passages that I would have never thought of. 

And that's why I encourage you to slow down to the speed of your wisdom:

To the quiet hush that gently sweeps over you after a good cry.

The clarity within after the long harrowing night of questions.

The feeling of "I'll find my way" after a "blah" kind of day that slowly settles. 

Things ebb and flow.  Life has its rhythm. Big knotty questions slowly start unraveling and wisdom begins to peek through. 

The dim light has its way of echoing as it begins to make headway into your day as it slowly beams a bit brighter. 

Your backbone begins to strengthen and the earth beneath starts steadying as you move one foot in front of the other.

One step. Two steps. Progress. As you're in the passage of the rhythm, of answering your current questions, in working upward on that ladder to your "there", notice yourself and appreciate your process.  Lean in. Be wiseOwn your own unique self that is slowly being built.

I know its sometimes scary and it won't feel like"I got this" most of the time--

But hey, fame isn't something that happens overnight. 

You become famous when you  stand in your unique humility, power, knowledge and individuality. 

Hold that confidence, when your voice shakes with fear but you keep keep talking, holding onto the vision of where you're headed. 

These are the kind of people this world needs

A bunch of plain Janes realizing they are the farthest thing from "plain". 

You've got you and your awesomeness.

Now go and put that crown on!