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15 Steps To Personal Success

I'm frequently asked how I define success. Anyone who has met me knows that I'm all about movement and progress but not at the price of your sanity. I lean into the definition in a gentle yet curious fashion.  Your success is a completely different reality and has such  different flavor than the person right in front, behind or beside you on the train of life.

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How To Find a Therapist In Nassau County

Are you in the Five Towns, Nassau County or Long Island and looking for a therapist who can help you?

I understand how hard it is to venture out and seek someone who you will open up to, and allow them in to help you with your innermost worries, hopes, fears and wishes. At the same time, I commend you for beginning this search as it takes one step to begin making the change you seek; and research proves that good therapy helps people committed to change.

In my many years as a therapist, and even before then, many individuals had shared with me that they'd been"therapy shopping" for a while and were feeling frustrated. They had either started and felt confused or misunderstood the process, or began seeing someone and weren't sure how to know if it was a right fit and if they were progressing as they had hoped.

I've delineated some basic pointers on how to be good consumer of psychotherapy.  

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From Surviving to Thriving over Spring Break (or any holiday season)

So, It's that time of year. Spring Break. Holiday Vacation.

Yay! Right?

Or is it? So many of us need a long awaited break from the hum drum of daily life and responsibilities. We look forward to "time off" or "time away". 

Or, do we?

Remember, most of us have other things going on when we're not necessarily "on" for work or college or day-to-day responsibilities.

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Playing Small?

Have you been playing it small lately?  Sometimes you may notice that you are in this funny place where there isn't much movement or growth. You're sorta stuck. You may have every. reason. in. the. book. to. stay. stuck.


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