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6 Skills-Your Trauma Toolkit

Trauma work goes beyond the walls of your warm, wise and skillful therapists office. You have your life before you walk into your therapy session, and your reality is with you as you walk  out into the world, the world that you live in. I have provided six skills to help support your trauma therapy, in and outside of session.

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How long will therapy take? 3 Pointers For Clarity

How long will my therapy take?

I've heard individuals share that they are concerned about starting therapy because there's a notion that once you start therapy, you will be on the couch forever. If you should decide to go to therapy, for any reason, it does not mean that you are becoming a "shrink-goer" for life. You always have the choice to end therapy at any point in time. Some attend for one session, three sessions, a few months or a few years.

To help you feel more clear on the next steps in seeking therapy, I've identified three pointers that will impact the length of your treatment

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