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Quick Tips to Survive a Panic Attack

Do you feel shaky or anxious due to stress, or even, at times, for no reason?

I want to explain to you exactly what is happening to you when you're having anxiety or maybe even a panic attack. Since knowledge is power. here's whats happening in your brain. 

The temporal lobe is the front part of your brain responsible for making decisions and has the ability to check with your surroundings.  The temporal lobe takes in sensory information from your environment and also has stored past memories of similar situations.

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Argh. Anxiety! 11 Tips To Manage Your Anxiety

Argh. Is your anxiety getting the best of you no matter how hard you try to shut it down?

People come to me because they don't like how their anxiety makes them feel. 

Here are some 11 Tips to get your anxiety upward and far far away.

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