Argh. Anxiety! 11 Tips To Manage Your Anxiety


Argh. Is your anxiety getting the best of you no matter how hard you try to shut it down?

People come to me because they don't like how their anxiety makes them feel. 

Here are 11 tips to get your anxiety upward and far far away.

Let's let Mr. Anxiety know he's not a wanted visitor, at least not as frequently as he's been coming! Try two or three of these suggestions and do them, do them, do them. Yes, practice practice practice and you'll be teaching your brain a new way to interact with the panic and worry. Neural pathways can be strengthened and you can totally build a new network in your brain. One that can survive tough worry filled moments.   

1. Blow bubbles. Anxiety closes the airway blocking adequate oxygen from getting to your brain. Blow bubbles and take deep breaths in and out. 

2. Keep a journal of your thoughts. Notice the unhelpful ones. Release them. They are JUST thoughts. Process in therapy if they keep coming up. 

3.Connect inward every day.  Look in the mirror to connect with your inner self. Reassure that anxious little voice who is needing reassurance. "You're doing fine. We're going to be ok. Breath." 

4. Identify your triggers to anxiety

5. Accept, change or eliminate your anxiety triggers. 

6. Do progressive muscle relaxation when you are anxious.–18

7. Blast some music and shake the "sillies" out of your system. Movement regulates the heightened blood pressure anxiety brings. 

8. Call someone in your support system when you feel very anxious

9.  Put stick-it notes around your house that remind you you're ok. “I am safe” "I am am OK even when I don't feel OK", "I am taking one step at a time", "...And now, Breath :)"

10. Meditate. Sit down and notice your breath. In and out. Simple as that. For a minute, five or or ten.

11. Scrunch your toes in your shoes to feel the ground beneath you. Then loosen. Feel your feet holding the grip for your body, keeping you steady.