What is Somatic Therapy? A Mind-Body Method


Somatic Therapy in Nassau County and Five Towns

In session I use somatic, body-oriented psychotherapies in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues. Neuroscience has shown that our bodies hold messages and beliefs from the past which are reflected in body language, posture, and facial expression expressing how the body feels and the messages it holds.

Trauma, anxiety, depression or self esteem issues may also expresses itself in physical (somatic) symptoms such as digestive issues, or tension in a specific part of the body such as neck, shoulders, stomach or head. 

How does somatic psychotherapy work?


Using somatic therapy, we strengthen your awareness and attunement to your body, using therapeutic techniques to release tension, trauma, body memories and beliefs your body has been holding onto. Some of the techniques include physical movement, grounding exercises, art work, breathing techniques as well as methods called pendulation and titration. Doing this calms the nervous system so that we can safely move on to releasing past trauma memories stuck in your body,  letting go of blockages and offering long-lasting relief.

Clients have expressed feeling grounded, stronger, increased ease and confidence after somatic focused sessions. Trauma focused somatic works helps you relearn to feel safe in your own  body. 


About somatic psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship.

When you come to treatment, we create a warm, inviting, safe space for you to begin you healing journey. Research proves that the better the client-therapist relationship , the greater success of treatment outcome. Because of that, I keep the the therapeutic relationship a focal point as we create a personalized plan for your therapeutic healing. 


“The single most important issue for traumatized people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies.”— Bessel van der Kolk

If you're ready to release the tension that's been pent up in your body (and your mind), call me today to schedule your consultation and to book your first appointment in my Cedarhurst office. 

Please note: using somatic therapy does not necessarily utilize touch. We use somatic awareness, somatic interventions and forms of movement involving breathing exercises and stance shifts. There are also somatic interventions that include touch for example: a therapist placing her hand gently on client's back to present strength and increase awareness of external supports. These gentle forms of support would only be used with client consent.