What is Attachment Focused Parenting?


You promised yourself that you would do things differently.

You're committed to parenting in a wise and healthy way, yet you're not living up to those expectations.  You keep hitting the same walls. You're done with the disappointment.

Attachment focused parenting if designed  for you.

If you find that:

  • Being present with your children brings up pain and sadness.

  • Although you've tried every parenting tip offered, you're stuck with disconnect and disappointment.

Attachment Focused parenting helps you put the breaks on dysfunction, and re-creates health for you and your family..

  • Imagine knowing how to separate your past wounds from your current day parenting, allowing you to show up fully, with presence of mind.

  • Imagine time spent with your kids left you feeling joyous, connected and fulfilled?

  • Imagine letting go of the shame of frustration and irritability and stepping into your role with confidence and wisdom.

Our family of origin is our first template for relationships and we often recreate some dynamics that we experienced.

We undoubtedly carry traits from our families of origin; it's only natural.  Some traits are helpful, and some others, harmful. You job is to identify the blind spots in your life that may be at the root of disconnect, pain or isolation in your family. At your core you want to connect to you children from a place of healthy connection. You want them to know you have their back, no matter what.

You're ready to dive into the healing work that can offer you guidance, clarity, relief and connection.   

You're aware this process will require you to sort through and heal inner pains, yet you're willing and able to do what it takes to invest in building healthy love and connection. 

In therapy you will learn:

  • about attachment theory, your attachment styles, and attachment patterns in your family.

  • to focus on healthy patterns you've used as well as areas where you may be repeating old family patterns (often unconsciously).

  • Heal inner wounds so that you can be fully present in your day--to-day interactions with your loved ones.

  • Use research based assessments in identifying goals and to track progress.

  • Skills and confidence in responding to your children's requests, setting appropriate boundaries and teach you ways to express healthy doses of love and affection.

You can  build a family that generates love, closeness, warmth and balance.

If you're ready to change the patterns in your life, and create healthy connections with your loved ones, call me today for a consultation and to set you first appointment in my Cedarhurst office. 


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