Help, I'm dissociating, now what?

Dissociation and complex trauma treatment in Cedarhurst, Five Towns, Long Island.

Dissociation and complex trauma treatment in Cedarhurst, Five Towns, Long Island.

Treatment for trauma, complex trauma, dissociative symptoms and dissociative disorders in Nassau County, Five Towns and across Long Island, New York.

Your mind feels fuzzy and your body feels like it's floating.

You know who are you are...

But you're not fully connected to your body others around you

...or the activity you are engaged in. 

Errands, jobs, responsibilities and daily routine activities are done by rote because that's just how to get through. But sometimes you notice you're a bit too floaty. You're a bit too distant and you're not remembering things you've said, heard or have done, and you're wondering if you're going crazy or what is going on. 

You're not crazy. 

You're dissociating and you may need some help with working with your brain to support you better in living. 

Dissociation is a brilliant way the mind and body take care of us when we feel overwhelmed.

Not just regular overwhelmed, but flooded with too many thoughts, feelings, worries and expectations. They may be real or imagined, but the body feels under attack.

Most often, people go in and out of haziness when things are a bit much. but if you've been through a lot of things in your life, and your body had to use dissociation as a defense to get through, you may have dissociation as a "go-to" defense in your adult life without even realizing.

You body may trespass your natural choice points when you're overwhelmed and you'll find you're suddenly"gone".

Some of the ways people dissociate is by experiencing amnesia, depersonalization, derealization or having switches between ego states, which may be part of a dissociative disorder. Want more info about dissociation? Read here!

In therapy, you'll learn coping techniques to help reduce the dissociative experiences.

Treatment includes psychometric assessments that identify dissociative symptoms, providing scientific data and clarity regarding your specific clinical needs. Together, we will periodically re-assess symptoms to track progress and growth to ensure you are reaching your therapeutic goals.  

You'll receive a comprehensive understanding about dissociation so you get a better understanding of when you began using this defense, how to utilize new skills for coping as well as navigating life with more presence, connectedness and a feeling of being grounded in yourself. 

Learn to live your life with presence of mind, clarity and connectedness.

You can learn, and I'm here to help you do just that.