Office Rental?

Private suite in Five Towns, Nassau County in Long Island

Beautiful well-designed office in Five Towns area of Nassau County currently available for sublet.

Office available for heart centered, life coach, healer, entrepreneur or therapist who wants a space that is relaxing and comfortable for them and their clients.

Is this you?

Are you a professional looking for a beautiful office to provide services in?

Are you wanting a place where you can serve the people who need you most?

Wanting a cozy office that you and your clients will love?

If you are a kind, responsible therapist, life coach or allied health provider, this space may be exactly what you are looking for.

Amenities include:

Personalized A/C and Heat

2 Fresh, Modern Bathrooms

Coffee/Tea & Filtered Water Area

Printer (in office)


Basic Art & Sandtray Supplies


$150/ evening, $250/ full day or $400/2 days.

Available Saturday, Sunday & Monday and most evenings 4pm and on.

Contact here to apply

When you enter the office you’ll find a beautiful couch, a leather chair (for therapist), modern desk and bookshelf with latest therapy books. The energy is fresh, serene and inviting. This is what the office looks like: