EMDR Therapy in Five Towns, Nassau & Long Island

What you need to know

You've heard that EMDR offers deeper level healing than talk therapy alone. Your therapist, sister, brother, friend or neighbor mentioned EMDR and the latest research. The conversations buzz all about how EMDR can heal you, and you're totally ready for core level healing.

But here's the thing. Before signing your life away to a new method that will "heal you", I want you to be equipped with real-time facts about what EMDR is and isn't.

The more clarity, the better off you will be as you choose to engage in therapy and the better outcomes you will experience.

What you need to know about EMDR therapy


You are committed to providing healing that expands beyond the therapy room.

You know that good work involves identifying underlying points of distress and healing those inner wounds. You are committed to practicing from a through trauma lens and would like to be certain you're offering highest level services to those in your care. 

I offer trauma informed consultation, providing you with support and clinical, evidence-base guidance. Working together we:

  • Identify your unique skill-set, and strengthen those exact traits that make you effective and confident.
  • Identify stuck points you're needing help with.
  • Educate on the three phase trauma treatment, and know when you're ready to move into the next phase, properly pacing the work.
    • phase 1: stabilization which includes building rapport, psycho-education, skills building and resourcing
    • phase 2: reprocessing
    • phase 3: reintegration
  • Teach you to identify and work with transference and countertransference.
  • Learn to effectively structure treatment, administer ongoing assessments, track progress and conceptualize phases of change. 
  • Learn how to use trauma informed modalities, drawing upon skills from ego state work (parts work), somatic psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, DBT, expressive arts and trauma narrative.
  • Incorporate dynamic skill to bring clarity, direction and wisdom to your work.

Solidify the knowledge base you already have.

 We help you practice from your strong clinal backbone with utmost sincerity and compassion. Our goal is  promote integrative therapeutic healing, staying committed to providing highest level of care to clients in your practice.

Reach out here to get started in building your confidence and trauma informed skills.