You’re invested in the deep healing work you do with clients.

You love sitting with your clients, watching them heal from trauma, anxiety and depression. You’ve never been typical in your work either. From the get go, you’ve been the one who worked with the “tough” clients, the ones who have such immense pain that others might feel it’s too much. But you know those clients deserve peace and ease in their lives just like anyone else.

You’re seeking tailored support.

You’ve invested in trainings and courses but you are at the point where you want to take center stage and get tailored support to refine your skills as a clinician as well as see the bigger clinical picture when you might have blind spots. Sure, everyone has trusted you with complex trauma, depression or anxiety, but inside you feel alone and sometimes unsure as to the path to take with your clients.

You’re done feeling lonely.

Quick chats or casual conversations online with colleagues don’t really allow you to be vulnerable and to feel supported. You want to discuss cases with someone who loves working with trauma and who has the expertise to challenge you to become better.

As a trauma specialist, trained in EMDR and somatic modalities, I know what it is like to invest in your skills and to become a better clinician because of that investment.

I help therapists through case consultation to:

  • build their confidence and own more of what makes them unique in and out of session

  • form and enliven their professional identity, getting more clarity on their skill set

  • identify their needed areas of growth in intervention and case conceptualization

  • uncover the stuck points and move forward in therapy sessions towards better clinical outcomes.

For too long, you have sat alone in your office with clients, doing your best on your own. Now’s the time to get support, guidance and direction that will benefit you and your clients.

Say goodbye to the chronic doubt, the fatigue, the confusion and welcome in the creativity and confidence.

Your first step is to apply for consultation and then we will explore a plan that is right for you.