You know relationships are meant to offer love and care...

Yet your connections are rimmed with insecurity, worry, doubt and a feeling of instability. You're not sure if there's something about way you interact in relationships or  if it's related to the people you're around.  Research proves that the biggest predictor of a happy, long life is the quality of relationships you're in.  

You're ready to clear the fog, and build solid connections.  



You may be healing from an unhealthy relationship dynamic where you were co-dependent and enmeshed, and are wanting to re-learn how to engage in healthy relationships.

Or maybe you've gone through a tough phase in your life  that left you feeling alone, confused and unsure of how to build steady connections, and you're ready to learn how to build healthy, long lasting relationships. 

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The way you were treated when you were young impacts how you've come to believe about yourself. Deserving, lovable, understood or unseen, unimportant and undeserving of care and commitment.

If your  parents or loved ones were distracted or unable to tune into your needs, you may have difficulty connecting with others or trusting in relationships you're in. Those beliefs feed your current relationships. You may need to heal old concepts and invite healthier, new ones.

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You're trying to figure out how to do this parenting thing right! The tips and tools aren't cutting it and you're starting to lose your cool. 

You're  committed to learning how to build healthy relationships with your children.  In therapy you'll learn how to strengthen the building blocks of emotional safety so that you and your family can enjoy moments of healthy connection.

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Strengthen your relationship patterns, solidify trust, and improve feelings of worthiness.