Your Healing Starts Here


No matter what you achieve or have, you don’t feel satisfied. At any moment, it could all fall apart, because it always has in the past. But people continue look to you as an example of a person who has it together. You are the responsible one, kind, thoughtful, paying attention to what everyone needs yet, there are so many things you want to ask for. Yet you stay silent, feeling needy and too much for others.

No one really knows you. Every relationship leaves you with a nagging sense that the other person just needs something from you. Surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues, you suffer, endlessly lonely, aware of how no one sees you, holds you, supports you, or even knows you. It’s hard to admit that no one has ever really cared about you they way you needed.

You don’t want to end up with another therapist who just reminds you that you are broken, who simply nods and agrees that you have been through hell. You need someone who has skills, that can pull you out of the loneliness and help you declare a better life now. 

We can help you learn another way.

  Esther Goldstein LCSW

Esther Goldstein LCSW

Together we blend science and creativity to help heal painful memories, relationships and fears. My clients come to me because they have often struggled to feel connected and loved. They carry pain that many no nothing about, and now they feel like they are drowning. Whether you struggle with deep sadness, loss, trauma or anxiety, I can help you find the flexibility you need in navigating life and love.

If you're ready to change hurt to hope, and transform pain to possibilities, contact me to schedule an initial consultation and to book your first appointment at 347-903-7835 or email me here.