Trauma, Anxiety and Relationship Therapy in the FIve Towns and Long Island, NY

You deserve to feel love, be loved and give love.

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Are you struggling with trauma or PTSD?

You look at the world around you, and it feels like a different reality than the world you live in. Your world is a world that feels dark. You gasp for air every morning just to feel like you're drowning.  You have moments of peace, but they are just moments. And then you're reminded of who you are and what your life has been made up of. To you it feels like a compilation of rubble, hurt, sadness and disappointments.  You numb with avoiding others, hiding out in bed, drinking too much wine and watching too much TV. What ever happened to a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose, direction or fulfillment?


Love, joy and ease...

those words seem foreign to you  because you've been through the toughest experiences people can go through.

Your life experiences include events and circumstances which  no one talks about because they bring fear, doubt and confusion. But these stories are what your life has been built upon. You're wanting to move on. But "moving on" is an oversimplification of what it means to move on after abuse, trauma, loss or a violation.  Healing doesn't happen overnight. You need to cry and mourn AND have a place to develop into a new story with less pain and trauma.

I help people who have missed out in life because of the all of the circumstances they have been through.

My clients often are longing to find comfort yet find themselves disappointed in their relationships as they are often left feeling misunderstood. In our time together, you will discover there isn’t anything too scary or terrible that can’t be shared. You will learn how to live a good life, without being dragged down by memories of the pasts, fears and terror. You are wanting to overcome the adversity and pain of the past.

It’s time to feel hope and to get the help you need to create a beautiful life.

Is this depression?

All you can think of is how things have gone wrong.  

Life has never felt like it has come easily and there is no light at the end of the tunnel this time. While you hate asking for help, having been let down before, you know you can’t continue to move through your life with the heavy cloak of depression.


Every morning you wake up hoping to feel lighter.

You hope that maybe today will be a little bit easier, but the moment you open your eyes you feel like you are drowning in pain and sadness. You can’t shut off the thoughts, the memories and the fears.

I help people who have lost all hope. People who have tried to exercise, pray, or work their way out of their depression to only find themselves trapped barely able to put one foot in front of the other.

We work to heal what has happened so you are no longer bound to the depression today. We can't erase the scars of your past, but we find ways to relieve the weight. I use EMDR and other researched based approaches to help my clients find possibility and progress.

If you want to find freedom, and relief that lasts, it starts by taking the first step to feeling better.

Do you need help with your anxiety?

You have your job, your kids, your relationship and your friendships. Everyone needs something from you and you only know how to say yes because you never let anyone down. And then there are things that keep happening. Just when you think life is going to settle, another crisis or project pops up demanding your response.


You used to "pull it together" and make your way through, but that isn’t working anymore.

 It feels like your skin is crawling the moment you hop out of bed to when your head hits the pillow in the middle of the night after trying to sleep for hours. It feels like you could explode because there is just never a break in the anxiety you feel. The last time you tried to explain to someone what was going on they looked confused because you “look fine” to them. Now no one feels safe to talk to because no one seems to understand or be able to help.

You don’t have to carry it all.

My clients have learned to cope with stress their entire life but along the way coping turned into anxiety. It shows up in how they feel in their body, their eating, their sleeping and it shows up in their relationships, their boundaries and their mood. Anxiety ends up sucking all of their energy. I help my clients understand what is happening and to practice skills for relief. Together we uncover the cause of their pain that has led to them feeling so anxious. We move from understanding, into coping and into healing. 

Let me help you get off the spinning wheel of anxiety and step into life with more balance.