You're a therapist. And you're committed to being an awesome one.

You've received your degree and now you're ready for more.  Consultation helps you learn to integrate advanced modalities and interventions to show up and offer quality clinical work to your clients. 


Add skills and competence to your practice.

You'll learn from my extensive trainings, evidence based practices and years of experience working with clients developing healthy relationships with self and others, survivors of trauma and anxiety. 

We'll identify your unique areas of strength and wisdom, as we solidify the knowledge base you have, so that you can practice from your strong clinal backbone with utmost sincerity and compassion. 

You're seeking to embrace your individuality and uniqueness. 

You're not a"smile and nod" counselor who sits there passively. You'd like to take a directive approach because you take clients therapeutic goals and healing seriously. 

You value the courage and strength that each of your clients possess. You know that your job isn't to "fix" or "advise", rather you're there to help them strengthen a sense of self, and attain the balanced, wholesome life they are looking to create. You're ready to roll your sleeves up to dig in. 

You're ready to have the tough, yet real conversations that lead to breakthrough, empowerment and change.

 Investing in becoming a solid clinician is key to defining yourself and strengthening a steady mindset to becoming a unique practitioner.  Reach out so we can begin the conversation of moving you upward in your career.

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience and compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.
— Lau Tzu

Ready to up-level your skills in treating trauma in your practice? 


Our consultation group for therapists who work with trauma is collaborative, educational and enriching, offering support and clinical evidence base guidance.We practice trauma informed modalities using internal family systems,somatic, expressive arts and relational psychotherapy approaches.

You will be able to implement skills into your very next session.

We discuss how to effectively structure treatment, implement ongoing assessments, track progress and conceptualize phases of change. Our goal is  promote integrative therapeutic healing, staying committed to providing highest level of care to clients in your practice.

Inquire within to find out if this group is right for you.