It's exhausting to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

 A boundary defines a line that marks the limit of an area; a dividing line.

When our boundaries aren't clear, we suffer.

Not only do we suffer, but our relationships suffer.

A lot. 


If you're stuck..

in a place where you don't feel comfortable asking for your needs, and are swirling in self doubt, it's time to set limits and redefine your self worth. 

If your boundaries aren't clearly defined, it's likely you'll get pulled into a codependent, enmeshed dynamic, where you're not clear of your own limits and get mixed up with where the other person starts and ends.  

Codependency is defined as an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on another person. You may have some codependent traits if you:

  • Rely on others to make you feel ok about yourself. 
  • Worry about others' opinions of you. 
  • Feel trapped in your relationships and avoid arguments at all costs.
  • Consider yourself kind and generous but you feel tired, burnt out and exhausted.

Individuals get into codependent patterns hoping to calm their anxiety and wanting to "make things better".

Your need to "fix" things and help others may be coming from an authentically caring place yet is often experienced as "over the top", annoying or borderline invasive. Your constant need for another person to remind you that you're worthy and OK exhausts your relationships,  leaving you confused about where to turn next. When you're stuck in either of these traps, you'll have a difficult time creating balance in your friendships and relationships.

In therapy you learn to engage with others and the world while maintaining your self respect, while valuing your space and needs. 

We'll help you identify old patterns, and teach you new ways of engaging with others. 


You'll know you're on the path to healthier relationships when you can:

  • Feel wise, reliable, capable and strong on your own.
  • Strengthen awareness and take accountability for your part in creating balance in relationships.
  • Let go of carrying other peoples feelings, experiences or responsibilities.
  • Own your thoughts, feelings and choices without blaming self or other.
  • Confidently set limits without feeling guilt
  • Ability to accept "no" from others with understanding and maturity.


Let's help you rescript your life so that you can have inner peace.

Living with the right dose of responsibility allows for playful moments of joy, connection and creativity in your life.