Trauma, Anxiety and Relationship Therapy in the FIve Towns and Long Island, NY

LOVE your life again.

Psychotherapy to heal the anxiety.


When it all feels too much…

Your relationship feels like it’s on the brink of ending. As a parent you find yourself battling your child all the time. At work you are driven by anxiety to get things done. What it all boils down to is….

You don’t trust yourself.

You feel big emotions and they lead you to shutting down. You feel stuck. Any decision that needs to be made at home or at work goes through a cycle of second guessing and stalling out because nothing feels safe or easy. The past has been too painful and sometimes it feels like you will be forever in a pattern of worry and doubt.

You deserve a beautiful deep love.

Even though it feels so far away and uncomfortable now, I have helped many women learn to trust themselves and others. They find a deepening of the love they have for themselves, their children, and their partner. My clients move from the pain and discover the beauty of their life. 

Esther Goldstein LCSW , Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist

Esther Goldstein LCSW, Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist

Finding Beauty Through The Pain

My greatest joy is to help you discover the possibilities in your life. Whether in your profession, your relationships, or how it feels to be in your own skin, together we create a new way for you to be the world. A way that feels confident, clear and more peaceful. Through tapping into the power of your body and your creativity, you will learn to to calm your mind so you can follow your heart.

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